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Hytera MD782/MD782G
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Hytera MD782/MD782G

Easy to use digital mobile radio with ergonomic design

The MD782 and MD782G mobile radios offer versatile digital functions that allow you to exchange information in all types of situations. Ergonomic, easy-to-operate user interface, and remarkable quality.

  • Excellent Voice Transmission
  • Dual Mode - Analog or Digital
  • Improved Use of the Radio Spectrum
  • Digital Encryption
  • Reliabilty and Quality - meets IP54 protection
  • Versatile Functionality - includes text messages,GPS location and lone worker function
  • Expansion Interface
  • Intuitive Interface and Key Guidance - clear display, large keyboard
  • Upgradeable Software
  • Features - Handheld microphone, microphone holder, mounting set, vehicle battery connection cable, fuse, and manual.